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Ariane Sylvain

Montreal stylist Ariane Sylvain has an instinct for trends and a distinct style. She is well known for being bold and unafraid to defy convention. For her, fashion is a form of art, through which she can express her personality and have fun. Recognized for her natural talent, creativity, open-mindedness, and outgoing personality, Ariane is sought after for photoshoots, TV segments, red carpets, and personal styling. She has been Marina’s stylist for over four years now. As they share the same fashion vision, together they form a dynamic duo that’s taking the world by storm.

Éloïse Dalpé

I am French Canadian and am much less poetic when I write in English. But I often like to think that if I was born in Cornwall, I would have married a nice British man, would have adopted two little Corgis named Winston and Winnie, and my best friend would have surely been Lena Dunham. Éloïse has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and is currently a social work student. She is fascinated by human beings and life’s big questions, and you’ll find passion and fun in all of her writings.

Jade Milette

From physical therapist to flight attendant, Jade has always been guided by her heart and in touch with her emotions. Always up for a new adventure and willing to explore a new place, she knows that the best things happen outside of her comfort zone. Her main travel motivations: food, surfing, and meeting new people. She loves to share her highs and lows, her must-dos and must not dos, and stories including cute boys thrown in there too. Through her writings, you’ll also get an exclusive glimpse at some of Marina (Nana) and Jade’s (Pauline) adventures around the world. #NanaandPauline

Marina Bastarache

TV host, fashionista, and globe-trotter, she documents her life on her blog and YouTube channels. Influencing a whole generation with her bold style and positive attitude, she strives to promote an image of wellness, openness, and love to all the girls who follow her #GRLPWR. With numerous projects in the works, including lead hosting roles on TV and her newly launched blog, Marina’s star is undeniably on the rise.

Shana Troy

A highly skilled dancer, Shana received her ballet training at l'École supérieure de danse du Québec and Le Jeune Ballet du Québec. Her love of dance flourished and she began her 10 year professional career with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. Shana was a dancer and choreographer on Radio-Canada’s Le Match des Étoiles (Dancing with the Stars). She also danced in the Quebec movie Sur le rythme, and was part of many TV shows and musicals. Her accomplishments don’t end there. She was Veronic Dicaire’s dance captain for 3 years in Vegas, Europe, and Quebec. Her mom had a passion for cooking and she passed it down to Shana and her two sisters. Shana became a mom to little Grey in May 2017 and she currently teaches a barre fitness class at b.cycle’s studio in Old Montreal.

Sophie Parrot

A full-time makeup addict, you’ve probably seen her work on a Quebec celebrity, on the red carpet, or on TV. In the makeup world, Sophie Parrot is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. She travels around the globe to pursue the work she loves and live her passion. She draws inspiration from the strong women she works for like Marina Bastarache, Marie-Mai, Ariane Moffatt, and Mitsou.

Vanessa Duchel

For me, holding a mic or pencil is basically the same thing. Yes, I was on Star Académie (F.V. American Idol). No, I didn’t release an album afterwards. No, you haven’t seen me on Occupation Double (comparable to Big Brother). However, I’m still single!


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