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Marina Bastarache

- New video every Tuesday -
Showcasing everything from morning routines, to boyfriend tags, to beautiful travel vlogs, Marina’s videos let her personality shine through and keep you updated on her life. Click here for more!

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PO & Marina

- New video every Saturday -
PO & Marina are an unstoppable duo on YouTube who have chemistry like no one else. From covers, to touching videos, to ridiculous challenges, you’re always guaranteed a laugh and will fall in love with their bubbly personalities.

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OD+ en direct

OD+ en direct is the live talk show that airs right after Occupation Double. It reviews, analyzes, and laughs at the reality TV show’s contestants.

Channel: MusiquePlus Role: Hostess Duration: Autumn 2017 More details

Célibataires et nus

The French adaptation of Dating Naked, Célibataires et nus Québec is a reality TV show where contestants meet each other for the first time completely naked.

Channel: MusiquePlus Role: Hostess Duration: Autumn 2016

Code F

In the French adaptation of MTV’s Girl Code, five girls speak about the sisterhood that women share. Touching on more than 200 topics, the Code F. girls talk about all of them openly and frankly, with humour and self-deprecation.

Channel: VRAK Role: Co-hostess Duration: June 2015 - December 2017

Jeunes chefs en mission

Every episode, Marina visits young apprentice cooks in high-schools in order to give them a culinary mission to help out a cause. With renowned chefs by their side, and within a limited time period, every culinary team must choose a cause that’ll benefit from their mission.

Channel: UNIStv Role: Hostess Duration: Winter 2020

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