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A New Definition of “Wellness”

Written by: Éloïse Dalpé Montreal - April 3, 2018

Marina suggested that I write about wellness because she knows me too well. She knows that I tend to be really deep in my musings.

At the same time, I also have trivial thoughts that plague my mind on the daily, like thinking about one day getting an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Miami Deli restaurant.

Many things in life make me laugh and when something funny happens, I hurry to write it down so that I don’t forget it.

By the way, did you know that the only day the Christmas shop in the Old Port of Montreal is closed is on Christmas Day? Don’t worry, I’m going nowhere with that little tidbit! Not that I wouldn’t like to – if I could, I would kick off the wellness section of the blog with a post entirely dedicated to my passion for Christmas.

Actually, if you didn’t already know, Marina is also a Christmas superfan. For us, Christmas music and wellness actually go together really well! For our festive, positive state of mind to last all year long, we always make sure to have a good Christmas playlist on our phone, to give us some extra pep when we need it. Admit it, a little bit of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” never killed anyone! But because I’d like you all to continue reading my posts beyond this first article, I’ll stick to this brief side note about Christmas. Regardless, the feeling that Christmas music gives Marina and I is probably the most accurate way to imagine wellness!

That’s actually why I planned a Christmas song jam session right before the photoshoot we did for Marina’s blog. That way, I’d be more prepared for the photo session, which, by the way, made me feel anything but zen. Truthfully, the thought of looking as tense as I did in all my school photos, where each year I was asked to cross my tiny hands on a stack of colourful books in front of a green chalkboard backdrop, gave me major anxiety. So much so that it almost eclipsed the absolute joy and excitement I felt at being a part of this collaborative blog project. I had to forget that I’m just as comfortable in front of the camera as my grandmother is with an iPad in her hands, and that offering a natural smile is as easy to me as putting on a pair of leggings right when you come out of the shower.

So, if my collaborator photo makes me look as comfortable and refreshed as Marina, it’s probably just because the Christmas music had its magic effect on me! 😉

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Written by:

Éloïse Dalpé

Certains adhèrent à la luminothérapie pour se sortir d’un novembre trop sombre, d’autres se mettent à la course à pied pour faire le plein d’hormones de bonheur. Pour ma part, l’écriture s’avère être une thérapie pour l’âme bien plus qu’efficace ! Libératrice, elle fait ressortir ma prose dans ces journées parfois moroses. Puis colorée, elle met des images sur des émotions, voire des pensées. Bachelière en communication, et actuellement étudiante en travail social, Éloïse s’intéresse aux gens et aux grandes questions de la vie. Passion et rigolades, c’est ce que vous trouverez dans ses écrits.

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