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Written by: Ariane Sylvain Montreal - May 2, 2018

Learn more about Marina whose style is considered flawless in this enlightening interview.

  1. How would you define your sense of style?

How would you define it? (laughs) I’d say that it’s always pretty colourful. My style is a mix of urban edgy and sexy, with an added dash of total confidence. I’m always up to try anything, as long as it’s done in good taste. In everyday life, I like to dress really casually but then add a bolder piece to my outfits. I don’t have the same budget as some of my favourite fashion icons, so I opt for accessible, affordable brands that keep up with the latest trends.

  1. How do you deal with dress codes?

Honestly, I don’t really worry about dress codes or style rules. I like to take risks and try new combinations every day. When people tell me, “Really, you’re going to wear that outfit?” I tell myself that my look is successful! (laughs) To be honest, I don’t want to confine myself to a particular mold and copy what everyone else is doing. For me, fashion is a way to have fun and showcase my personality.

  1. Your style icons?




  1. Your favourite fashion designer?

Right now, I love Gucci. Their creations are really in line with my style that is, they’re super flashy, colourful, and textured. Their handbags are also divine… come to mommy! (laughs) Fendi, Alexander Wang, and Versace are also all amazing.

  1. What are your top shopping destinations (here or elsewhere)?

Zara for online shopping! It’s so easy and fast. I choose my items on their app, and two days later, sometimes even less, I receive my package at home. Topshop and H&M are stores that I really like too.  They’re always keeping up with the latest trends and offering items at reasonable prices. I also love La petite garçonne and Le manoir. In addition to encouraging local businesses by shopping there, you also make sure that you’re not wearing the same thing as everyone else!

As for shoes, I recently discovered La Canadienne and I love the quality of their shoes and boots as well as the huge selection they offer. I also can’t not mention L’intervalle! Otherwise, Jeffrey Campbell offers really unique shoes that match up well with who I am. I’m a huge fan.

  1. Do you have a favourite article of clothing?

I have favourite accessories. For example, a big belt, a designer handbag, statement earrings, or hats (newspaper boy cap, felt hat, beret, headband). With those, you can wear mom jeans and a basic t-shirt and you’ll look totally awesome… just don’t wear them all at the same time! (laughs)

  1. Are you more into heels or sneakers?

I’m team sneakers! I like being comfortable and feeling good. With my hectic lifestyle, high heels don’t work at all. However, I like to look stylish and I am very feminine, so when the opportunity arises, I love to put on my high heels. They make your legs look miles long, makes your calves look defined, and make your butt look extra perky… so why not? (laughs)

  1. Pyjama party or evening gala?

Can I choose both? (laughs) The perfect plan would be an evening gala that ends in a pyjama party with my girlfriends. I love pampering myself and getting ready for galas! In fact, I think that’s my favourite part. Otherwise, I definitely prefer to eat junk food with my girlfriends in our PJs.

  1. What item(s) should every woman have in her closet?

In my opinion, a wardrobe isn’t complete without a nice pair of dark jeans, a motorcycle jacket, clean everyday sneakers, and classic black high-heeled shoes. With these essentials, we’re in business and ready to face the world! #GRLPWR

  1. What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

It’s funny that you ask me this question because you’re the one who gave me this advice, Ariane. When I talk to you about the it girls that I admire, their standout looks, and my desire to look like them, you always tell me: “You don’t want to be anyone but you. You want to be unique Marina Bastarache!”

Ari xox




Written by:

Ariane Sylvain

Styliste montréalaise, Ariane Sylvain a un instinct pour les tendances et un style distinctif. Sa signature est sans contredit l’audace de défier les conventions. Pour elle, la mode est une forme d’art, un moyen d’exprimer sa personnalité et de s’amuser. Reconnue pour son talent naturel, sa créativité, son ouverture d’esprit et son entregent, Ariane est sollicitée pour des séances photos, des productions télévisées, des tapis rouges et du stylisme personnel. Elle veille principalement à toutes les tenues de Marina depuis maintenant quatre ans. Elles partagent ensemble la même vision de la mode et forment ainsi un duo solide et explosif qui ne laisse personne indifférent.

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