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Written by: Vanessa Duchel Montréal - April 27, 2018

“You have to explain podcasts to me. What’s the difference between YouTube and a podcast? #IFeelUncultured” – Marina Bastarache

I told myself that if Marina Bastarache, the YouTuber and savvy Internet user, doesn’t really understand podcasting, then there must be other mere mortals who don’t either!

Podcasting is a means of broadcasting video and audio files (i.e., podcasts) on the Internet. I’ll spare you the big technical words – otherwise you’ll understand why I didn’t go to university. All in all, whether it be music, a video, or a simple audio clip of a conversation, all of this can be downloaded to your phone, computer, and so on.

That way, you (future listener) can have access to what you want, where and whenever you want it. In other words, if you want to listen to motivational speeches in bed at 7:00 am, all you need to do is a bit of podcast research and within minutes, you’ll have your very own life coach.

Another podcast bonus? They’re free! Well, some broadcasters ask for voluntary donations in exchange for additional content but listeners can choose whether or not to contribute.

Vaness, where do we find podcasts? If you have an iPhone, check out the Podcasts app. If you have an Android, you can find a few different podcast player apps on Google Play, such as DoublePod Podcasts. You can also use Stitcher, which will help minimize your cellular data consumption while you listen to podcasts.

What’s also practical about podcasts is that you can subscribe to the channels you want and you’ll always be notified when a new episode is available. You can also save them and listen to them on your computer, or have them permanently stored in your phone.

Happy listening! 

Written by:

Vanessa Duchel

D'après moi, tenir un micro et tenir un crayon, c'est pas mal la même chose. Oui, j'ai fait Star Académie. Non, je n'ai pas fait de CD après. Non, tu ne m'as pas vue à Occupation Double. Par contre, je suis toujours célibataire!

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