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Frank and Oak’s Perfect, Sustainable Collection

Written by: Ariane Sylvain Montréal - September 19, 2018

If you haven’t yet heard the good news, I’m thrilled to be the one to tell you about Montreal brand Frank and Oak’s remarkable new initiative. The company has recently gone green by launching Minimal, a collection of eco-friendly styles.

Frank and Oak wants to promote sustainable processes and reduce its carbon footprint on the planet. That’s why, more than ever, the brand is committed to producing clothes made from recycled polyester and organic fibres, as well as jeans made from eco-friendly denim.

How do they ensure that their practices are sustainable? Thanks to the “Hydro-Less” system, they use 95% less water, 79% less energy, and 50% less chemicals during the denim manufacturing process. Hallelujah!



Finally, men as well as women can shop this collection, either in stores or online. For girls, you can find TENCEL-based pants, shorts, t-shirts, and jackets (TENCEL fibres are extracted from the wood of eucalyptus plantations), ultra comfortable fleece sweaters (made with a blend of organic cotton and polyester recycled from plastic bottles), as well as knits made with 100% organic cotton, grown without pesticides, insecticides or herbicides.


Congratulations to Frank and Oak for their environmental leadership! Every small action has an impact on our planet and other companies, both big and small, should constantly evolve and look up to those developing sustainable manufacturing processes.

You can learn more about Minimal here.




Written by:

Ariane Sylvain

Styliste montréalaise, Ariane Sylvain a un instinct pour les tendances et un style distinctif. Sa signature est sans contredit l’audace de défier les conventions. Pour elle, la mode est une forme d’art, un moyen d’exprimer sa personnalité et de s’amuser. Reconnue pour son talent naturel, sa créativité, son ouverture d’esprit et son entregent, Ariane est sollicitée pour des séances photos, des productions télévisées, des tapis rouges et du stylisme personnel. Elle veille principalement à toutes les tenues de Marina depuis maintenant quatre ans. Elles partagent ensemble la même vision de la mode et forment ainsi un duo solide et explosif qui ne laisse personne indifférent.

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