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Choosing Your Travel Partner Wisely

Written by: Jade Milette Montreal - April 3, 2018

AKA Why Marina and I Make the Perfect Travel Pair

We all dream of travelling with our best friend, of having the time of our lives in foreign countries, each one more exotic and exciting than the previous. The only thing we don’t know is whether travelling together will make or break our relationship. Since Marina and I were lucky enough to meet on a trip, we got a glimpse at each other’s travel mood and state of mind from the get go. Below, I explain a few of the reasons why the two of us make the perfect travel pair.

First of all, for both of us, surfing is the main travel motivation, so we always make sure to organize our trips in a way that optimizes our time at the beach and in the water.

We also both have huge appetites. It’s not even worth wasting your time to ask us if we’re hungry, because the answer will always be a resounding yes! Seriously, I’m not even embarrassed to admit that we always carry snacks around and eat at least four meals a day. Before we go to bed, we even make sure to decide where we’re eating breakfast the next day so that we don’t waste any time in the morning. We’re the worst.

Moreover, we discovered that neither of us is interested in things like historical monuments or temples. Yet, somehow, we fall into the trap every time. There’s always a friend or acquaintance that highly recommends visiting a site and of course, since everyone seems to have been so impressed by it, we decide to check it out. Our first reaction upon arrival is normally a big meh. Not necessarily because the site’s ugly or because its history is not beautiful or interesting – simply because it’s not what impresses us most.

Finally, Marina and I realized that we both act like moms sometimes. We love to play dice and card games (stay tuned for an upcoming article on our favourite travel games), while drinking water from our precious water bottles (no joke!) or, if we’re feeling fancy, while sipping on a cocktail (FYI, if ever you run into us on a trip, our favourite’s the moscow mule). And okay yes, we do party hard once or twice during the trip, but no more than that.

I could keep going for ages, but all of this to tell you that it’s really important to carefully choose your travel partner. It’s critical to agree on how you see the trip panning out before you leave because otherwise, it might cause tension and when you’re miles away from home, that’s the last thing you’ll want to deal with.

P.S.: there’s only one reason why Marina and I don’t work as a travel pair… Because she has an Italian boyfriend and leaves me behind for half the year to go to Italy! But I have to forgive her, as it gives me a good reason to make my way over there to pay them a visit.


Written by:

Jade Milette

De thérapeute en réadaptation physique à agent de bord, Jade a toujours su suivre son cœur et est très près de ses émotions. Toujours partante pour une aventure et une nouvelle destination voyage, sortir de sa zone de confort est définitivement la chose qu’elle sait le mieux faire. Ses principales motivations de voyage : la nourriture, le surf et la rencontre de nouvelles personnes. Elle se fait un plaisir à partager ses « tops » et ses « flops », ses « must-dos » et « must not dos » et ses histoires de cœur qui se passent à des kilomètres de la maison. De plus, vous aurez droit en bonus à quelques péripéties de Marina (Nana) et Jade (Pauline) lors de leurs périples autour du monde. #NanaetPauline

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