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Tips for Managing Mid-length and Long Hair

Written by: Marina Bastarache Montréal - February 20, 2019

I’ve had hair any way imaginable: red, brown, blonde, pink, blue, short, long, with a perm, straight, natural and with extensions. One thing is certain, I love to play with it, whether it’s changing style, color or styling with heated tools. The downside is that this doesn’t help with healthy hair growth and it damages the structure and creates a significant loss of nutrient, leaving hair rough, dull and rigid.

With time comes wisdom, so I’ve had to learn how to take care of my hair – I can now say I have silky and smooth locks and not a haystack on the head! I’ve partnered with Pantene to share the tips and trick I’ve had to learn (the hard way), with you all. Here are some simple and effective tips on how to properly care for your long hair:

1. Your brush becomes your best friend! I personally recommend using a brush with soft teeth as its flexibly helps detangle hair without pulling or breaking your strands. You want it to slide smoothly and effortlessly. Definitely avoid rigid combs at all costs!

2. Use a nourishing deep conditioning treatment every week. For me, Pantene’s new Intense Rescue Shot is a natural addition to my beauty routine as this fast and efficient (everybody know how patient I am… not!). The first time I used them, my hair was so soft and light! We all know how many conditioning treatments always weigh down our hair… well not the Pantene’s Rescue Shot! You simply apply it from roots to the tips (don’t be scared!), leave on for 1 minute, rinse and POW – you’re done!


3. Try not to wash your hair every day – your scalp produces a lot more natural oils than the rest of your body, which is distributed along the strands keeping it healthy and soft. To space out the shampoos and to absorb the excess oil (the kind at the roots that makes your hair looks bad), I recommend using dry shampoo, or my all-time favourite: baby powder.

Make sure you take care of your hair, so you can have more fun with it – just like me! I do have to say, although I LOVE my long hair and I’ve been growing it out for a while it does come with its downsides. If you want to laugh a little at my #everydaylonghairproblems, and especially if you relate to my pain (and nonsense), the video below is made for you!

Have fun checking it out!



Written by:

Marina Bastarache

TV host, fashionista, and globe-trotter, she documents her life on her blog and YouTube channels. Influencing a whole generation with her bold style and positive attitude, she strives to promote an image of wellness, openness, and love to all the girls who follow her #GRLPWR. With numerous projects in the works, including lead hosting roles on TV and her newly launched blog, Marina’s star is undeniably on the rise.

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