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The Makeup Trend That’s Here to Stay

Written by: Sophie Parrot Montréal - October 1, 2018

Having been born in the 80s, I’ve lived long enough to see a few makeup trends come and go (like white eyeliner). In my mind, I still associate some of them with a certain era or a certain age. When I think of glitter for example, I mostly think about my teenage years, Britney Spears, and the Spice Girls. It was fun and juvenile back then but also kind of tacky. It’s probably the reason why I’ve always been hesitant to use glitter on someone who’s not part of a circus show. Looking back on 2017-2018, it’s clear that glitter is back and here to stay. It’s everywhere! From Pat McGrath, the makeup guru herself, to trend queen Kim K, and to every other pop star, glitter is the beauty trend of the year.


What’s different about the trend now is what Jessica Diner, Vogue UK’s Beauty & Lifestyle Director, is calling it “grown-up glitter.” We know how and where to apply it, and glitter products are refined and more “adult friendly” – think sophistication, not disco. “I definitely think that glitter makeup is making a comeback,” agrees makeup artist Diane Kendal. “What makes it chic and wearable is that people are doing their eye makeup and then adding glitter last, so you get a good idea of where and how to use it. You can use it sparingly so it’s soft and subtle.”

Terry Barber, Director of Makeup Artistry at MAC in the UK says: “A well-chosen accent of glitter should have the same effect as a good piece of jewellery.” Glitter is more wearable than ever, not only for evening events, but also for day-to-day makeup looks.

I personally fell in love with a highlighter stick from CIATÉ that I wear on a daily basis. The sight of the small sparkles turned me off at first, but I quickly realized how amazing it made my skin look, even in broad daylight.




Basically anyone can pull off the glitter trend, no matter how old you are or your degree of makeup expertise. Take for example Anna Sui’s NYFW SS18 show, where iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath lined the center of the models’ lids with a simple vertical stripe of silver glitter. From far, it looked like the models just had a bit of eye gloss on – the glitter was that understated. To create the low-key look, McGrath used Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream topped with MAC’s Glitter Reflects Pearl. If eyeshadow isn’t your thing, opt for a clear lip gloss with reflective sparkles in it for an effortlessly chic look.


From Kim Kardashian West to Beyoncé, it seems like everyone is coming out with a makeup line that’s got us shimmering and sparkling.




The pop stars seems to wear it to any event.


Let’s not forget our favourite pop stars in Quebec City!


Here are some of my old and new glitter favourites.

Ciaté Dewy Stix 

Stila Glitter Gel Eyeshadow

Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow

MAC Lipglass

MAC Glitter Reflects Pearl

 Sophie xox

Written by:

Sophie Parrot

Makeup addict à temps plein, vous avez sûrement déjà aperçu son travail sur une célébrité québécoise, un tapis rouge ou à la télé. Sophie Parrot est devenue une incontournable dans son domaine. Elle voyage partout à travers le monde pour pratiquer son art et vivre ses passions. Elle puise son inspiration des femmes fortes qu'elle maquille telles que Marina Bastarache, Marie-Mai, Ariane Moffatt et Mitsou.

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