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Top 10 Events, Activities, and Things To Do Before Fall Rolls Around (and a Bit Afterwards)

Written by: Vanessa Duchel Montréal - August 9, 2018

Montréal Pride (August 9 to 19)

Since 2007, Montréal Pride has served as a beacon of hope for people around the world!

This year, in addition to several DJ sets and parties. Montréal Pride is offering conferences, conventions, stand-up, a BBQ, and workshops! I don’t know about you, but I’ll be there for sure!

For more information and to view the complete program, visit their website:




ÎLESONIQ  (August 10 and 11)

A few days after Osheaga, it’s ÎLESONIQ’s turn to invade Parc Jean-Drapeau!

Amazing artists like the Chainsmokers, Diplo, and French Montana will be there. I absolutely love the art that decorates the site, like their big colourful flowers and huge inflatables! Also, what’s cool is that on the website, you can recommend artists! SO RECOMMEND ME. Ok bye.



Afro Fashion Expo (August 11)

The Afro Fashion Expo is a local and international fashion meeting of afro trends. It highlights creators and entrepreneurs of Afro origin in the fashion world! This year is the Expo’s 3rd edition, and it will take place on August 11th from noon to 9 pm at the Rialto Theatre. There will be parades, a cocktail, an exhibition, Afro-fusion food, and opportunities to purchase many beautiful items! I‘ll be there without a shadow of a doubt because I’m one of the event’s ambassadors!

For tickets:



Fashion & Design Festival (August 20 to 25)

In addition to fashion shows from designers like Eve Gravel or Yung_Alexander, in the Quartier des spectacles, conferences will be held during the Fashion & Design Festival. You can learn more about the place of luxury in Montreal or women in business. There will even be a 90s karaoke event on the main stage on August 22nd at 9 pm if you’re ever looking for me!

For more information:

Public Market (August 25 and 26)

In Old Montreal (350 Place Royale), a public market inspired by the 18th century will be held! Ever dreamed of living in that time period but you enjoy washing yourself too much? This is the perfect opportunity for you! A Pointe-à-Callière flagship event for 25 years, the Public Market immerses you in 18th century life thanks to hundreds of characters, music, and artists!



OSM Classical Spree (August 29 to September 2)

This year is the 7th edition of the OSM Classical Spree, where more than 30 concerts can be attended for as little as $10.

The opening show will be held on August 29th at the Olympic Park and it will feature an interpretation of Scheherazade with the Cirque Éloize. Better yet, it will be FREE!!




MEG Montréal Électronique Groove 2018 (August 31 to September 2)

This year is the 20th edition of this beautiful little electronic music festival! 3/4 of the shows will take place at the SAT (Société des arts technologiques), the others at Le Ministère, and only one at Piknic Électronik. I’m not a fan of electronic music, BUT I’m not saying that I won’t stop by to check it out one night. I won’t tell you which one (because I probably won’t be there), but GO! It looks so cool!




OUMF (September 5 to 8)

It’s the Back-to-School Festival on Saint-Denis Street in the Quartier des spectacles! Shows, an urban street art fair, a pedestrian street and everything is FREE. Even if you’re strapped for cash, you can still have fun! They haven’t yet released the complete program schedule, BUT we do know that DEAD OBIES will be there! By then, I should have at least one original song, so how about we start a petition for me to sing it with 3-4 encores?




Festival du nouveau cinéma (October 3 to 14)

The 2018 edition will be their 46th! Not being a film buff myself, I only just found out about this festival. However, by reading its description and browsing last year’s program, I very much want to go to see the short and feature films that will be presented this year! This is the place where film buffs and local professionals meet to share their passion. So cool! I’m just hoping I don’t meet Robin Aubert and am forced to discuss movie classics. It wouldn’t be long before I talked his ear off about my preference for McDonald’s coffee over Tim’s coffee.




Montreal Vegan Festival (October 20 and 21)

Are you vegan? Are not you vegan? Do you like discovering new things? Even better, do you like discovering things that don’t hurt animals and that aren’t derived from animals? Or do you just have nothing planned on October 20th and 21st? Well, these two days full of workshops – like ones on the manufacturing of cosmetics or the creation of vegan cheeses and exhibitors will make you discover many surprising things!

Workshops are between $5 and $20 to cover the cost of materials used during the sessions.

Oh and it’s happening at the Palais des congrès!




To see a list of all the events and activities taking place in the Quartier des spectacles, I recommend visiting:


Written by:

Vanessa Duchel

D'après moi, tenir un micro et tenir un crayon, c'est pas mal la même chose. Oui, j'ai fait Star Académie. Non, je n'ai pas fait de CD après. Non, tu ne m'as pas vue à Occupation Double. Par contre, je suis toujours célibataire!

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