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November Blues

Written by: Éloïse Dalpé Montréal - November 26, 2018

Dear November,

Every year I am sad to see you,

Between the colourful performance October just offered us,

And the beauty of the first white blanket of the year,

Your daily greyness weighs heavily on my mind.

Fortunately, you’re already almost over! Not that I despise you. That word wouldn’t be strong enough to describe how much I hate you sometimes. In fact, wouldn’t it be time for you to show your true colours, November? A colour which is nothing luminous if only “obscurely light”! You appear to have come into existence only to fill in the time between my two favourite holidays, Halloween and Christmas, and you have everything to envy to the other months of the year. If I could change the Gregorian calendar, I can assure you you wouldn’t stay here for long.

Dear damned November, I’ve finally understood. Every year, you mess with me by stealing one hour of my sun on the pretence that we have to go back to the “normal” time. A “normal” I’m still yet to understand or get on with because I always end up having to deal with seasonal depression.

When you shorten my days, it feels like my mind and body don’t know what they want anymore. Sometimes I feel like curling myself up into my flannel blankets and cry while watching The Notebook, sometimes I feel like buying light therapy lamps for every room of my home. Truth be told, I think every single day of your novemberish darkness is taking away bits of my life expectancy. In simple words, you’re fucking with my circadian cycle while draining my annual vitamin D supplies. When I wake up in the mornings, I hurry towards the windows trying to catch the two small sunrays that could potentially get through your sad and dark sky.

Some days, I’d love for us to go from a season to another as fast as Dollorama stores do with their seasonal decorations. Fortunately, these one-dollar stores are here to remind me that the day after Halloween is always a great time to think about decorating my Christmas tree. In my case, it seems like a great way to fight against seasonal depression since it finally allows me to listen to Christmas music. It also helps me not fall into musical playlists like Rainy Days in November which sometimes look like they’ve been created by a masochist. By getting into the Christmas spirit early, I can avoid being consumed by your sullen, and sometimes melancholic, climate. For me, festivities are a way to serenely apprehend snowstorm season. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find a lot of comfort in the fact that I can fight the winter cold with French onion soup and homemade meat pie, all gathered around a table full of people I love.



Written by:

Éloïse Dalpé

Certains adhèrent à la luminothérapie pour se sortir d’un novembre trop sombre, d’autres se mettent à la course à pied pour faire le plein d’hormones de bonheur. Pour ma part, l’écriture s’avère être une thérapie pour l’âme bien plus qu’efficace ! Libératrice, elle fait ressortir ma prose dans ces journées parfois moroses. Puis colorée, elle met des images sur des émotions, voire des pensées. Bachelière en communication, et actuellement étudiante en travail social, Éloïse s’intéresse aux gens et aux grandes questions de la vie. Passion et rigolades, c’est ce que vous trouverez dans ses écrits.

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