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Theme parties: Home to my Best Memories

Written by: Éloïse Dalpé Montréal - June 6, 2018

When my friend told me that she had chosen a Christmas theme for her friend’s bachelorette party, I literally had hearts in my eyes. I wanted her to tell me in detail how she had orchestrated the theme. I wanted to know how many little red and green penises she had hung in the Christmas tree, and just how ugly the ugly Christmas shirt of the bride was! No need to tell you that it would have been my dream bachelorette party, because by now we all know that I’m a Christmas superfan, but also because I have a serious passion for theme parties. Fortunately, life did things right, and I surrounded myself with friends as zealous as me. As far back as I can remember, Halloween has always been for my friends and I an opportunity to go above and beyond in terms of a theme. One of our most memorable Halloweens is undoubtedly our Harry Potter themed party.


From the second one of us realized that we didn’t need the pretext of a special day like Halloween to hold theme parties, the opportunities multiplied. Everything really started at the Fuzzy de Laval in 2012, when we had the genius idea of ​​dressing up as female douchebags to encourage Marina, who was performing there with her dance troupe.

With duck faces as our primary accessory, clutching Rev drinks in hand, we were dangerously credible. Our overwhelming use of bronzer, extended like a perfect ring around our faces, was so successful that it finally caught the eye of the Fuzzy photographer.



If Marina was slightly traumatized by us going full out at the Fuzzy de Laval in 2012, it didn’t take too long before she took a liking to it too. Moreover, she became one of us two years later, when she put on her best douchebag outfit to celebrate our friend Samia on Allume-moi!

Over the years, things have degenerated slightly, and we’ve gone from Harry Potter themed Halloween parties to birthday parties inspired by the famous YouTube video “Un petit mot pour Kevin”. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s a masterpiece that’s been seen more than a million times for its authenticity and anthropological value, even after so many years. For our friend Steph’s birthday, we wanted to recreate the video by playing the most legendary characters and saying classic quotes such as, “Enweille Keuvin continue comme ça”, “Mange ma saucisse”, and “T’as un beau serpent, m’as te l’acheter dans deux semaines.” What I didn’t know at the time was that I was about to create a real anthology piece with that video montage. Because I think we still have some dignity left (hidden beneath layers of stupidity), I won’t share the video with you. But here are some “making of” photos for you to browse. Some are screenshots of the video, so forgive me for the poor quality.

So, did you recognize us? I’m sure you didn’t think Marina could look like that AHAH!

I hope I’ve made you shed some tears of laughter. If some of you have already organized theme parties, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below. It could inspire us for future themes!


Written by:

Éloïse Dalpé

Certains adhèrent à la luminothérapie pour se sortir d’un novembre trop sombre, d’autres se mettent à la course à pied pour faire le plein d’hormones de bonheur. Pour ma part, l’écriture s’avère être une thérapie pour l’âme bien plus qu’efficace ! Libératrice, elle fait ressortir ma prose dans ces journées parfois moroses. Puis colorée, elle met des images sur des émotions, voire des pensées. Bachelière en communication, et actuellement étudiante en travail social, Éloïse s’intéresse aux gens et aux grandes questions de la vie. Passion et rigolades, c’est ce que vous trouverez dans ses écrits.

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