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Meal Prep Life Changer!

Written by: Marina Bastarache Montréal - May 8, 2018

What’s Nutrition Fit Plus? It’s a company that prepares individual healthy meals for active people. The meals are delivered throughout Quebec to your closest gym or, for an additional fee, to your home. Because of my crazy, hectic life, over the past few years I found myself eating out more often that I cooked at home. As much as I love eating at restaurants, I started gaining weight pretty fast. I realized that I needed to change my habits, but since I’m usually super busy, I didn’t want to spend what little free time I had meal prepping for the week. That’s when I decided to give Nutrition Fit Plus a try.

First of all, they offer between 10 and 15 different meal choices per week and you can select quantities and sides for everything (if you’re a picky eater, this is perfect for you). Second, it’s freaking good! I mean, it might not measure up to a cheesy, baked lasagna with sautéed mushrooms. But for someone like me who finds it super boring to eat salad, Nutrition Fit Plus is a great alternative. Thirdly and most importantly, the meals are sealed and can be kept in the fridge for up to a week (and if I don’t think I’ll get through them during the week, I freeze them to keep them fresh). Last but not least, their chocolate protein bars are TO DIE FOR! My all-time favourites, seriously!

I’m getting hungry here, so see ya! 

Marina xox

Written by:

Marina Bastarache

Globe-trotter à ses heures et ayant tout sauf une vie routinière, Marina a également deux chaînes YouTube où on peut la suivre à travers ses projets télé, ses nombreux voyages et sa vie personnelle. Influençant une génération grâce à son style extravagant et sa personnalité flamboyante, elle s’est donné un mandat de promouvoir une image saine, d’ouverture et d’amour pour les jeunes filles qui la regardent #GRLPWR. Avec ses nombreux projets en développement et son blogue qui vient d’être lancé, vous n’avez pas fini d’entendre parler de Marina.

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