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5 Makeup Products You’ll Get Addicted To

Written by: Sophie Parrot Montreal - April 3, 2018

We all have our favourite, essential beauty products that we use every day, and I’ve outlined my top five must-haves for you below.


Rose Water & Glycerin Mist

Rose water not only smells amazing, but it’s also really good for your skin! It leaves mine feeling refreshed, calm, and moisturized. I start every day with a splash of rose water on my clean face, and I repeat the gesture several times during the day for light hydration or to help me relax. The spray is well loved by makeup artists and celebrities alike (FYI, Kim K is a big fan). What more is there to say?

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

This easy-to-use 2-in-1 product is simply magical. It’s a lightweight, buildable sheer foundation that keeps your skin moisturized AND leaves you looking like a glowing goddess. Wear it alone or add foundation on top for more coverage – either way, I know you’ll love it.

MAC Face and Body Foundation

It’s simply the best water-based, water resistant, and sheer foundation on the market that I’ve ever tried. Period. Bonus: I love its simple, perfect packaging.

NARS South Beach Cream-to-Powder Stick

I’d call this product a dream in a stick. This bronzy apricot cream blush is the perfect colour that leaves you looking glowy, as if you just came back from the most amazing vacation. Apply the foolproof sheer formula with a brush or with the tips of your fingers.

MAC Lash Curler

Now I know most of you don’t use (or own) a lash curler, but trust me… it’s a game changer. I curl my lashes every morning, even on days where I don’t wear mascara, because I really think it makes a huge difference. Of all the lash curlers I’ve tried, the MAC one is my favourite and has become a staple in my morning routine.

Written by:

Sophie Parrot

Makeup addict à temps plein, vous avez sûrement déjà aperçu son travail sur une célébrité québécoise, un tapis rouge ou à la télé. Sophie Parrot est devenue une incontournable dans son domaine. Elle voyage partout à travers le monde pour pratiquer son art et vivre ses passions. Elle puise son inspiration des femmes fortes qu'elle maquille telles que Marina Bastarache, Marie-Mai, Ariane Moffatt et Mitsou.

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