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The Truth About My Boyfriend

Written by: Marina Bastarache Montréal - June 22, 2018

If you’ll let me, today I feel like telling you the truth about my boyfriend.


Ok. It’s true. He’s freaking gorgeous. He’s blond with blue eyes, a gorgeous smile, and a hot bod. But my boyfriend is also an actual caveman. Yup, you read that right. I need to remind him to shower, to shave, to cut his hair every now and then. I need to remind him that I think burping or farting while sitting at the dinner table is completely inappropriate. It even DISGUSTS me. I need to bring him down to earth when he goes on a rant about how Italians are the best in the world (ok, Italy is the prettiest place EVER, but still, it doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to put down others).


He is sooo chatty and always talks about the same things over and over again. He’s like an old curious man. If something happens on the street, like an argument, a fight, or an accident, he needs to stop the car and check it out. Seriously? He’s also freaking hard-headed. He hates being wrong, has a hard time saying “sorry”, and communication is definitely not his best skill. Oh! I almost forgot… He can be pretty bitter! Like move on with your life! Plus, he doesn’t understand ANYTHING about my job, and it’s not just because of the language barrier. For him, TV, blogs, and social media are just too far outside of his own reality. FYI, he doesn’t watch TV or use social media. Like I said, he’s a total caveman.

But at the same time, my boyfriend is also THE guy that every girl dreams of being with. For over a year, I’ve been waking up every morning to a man holding me in his arms, telling me how pretty I am, how much he loves me, kissing me, making me feel like a princess (even with gross morning breath). It lasts a good five minutes EVERY morning. Not just during the first month or so of dating, but EVERY morning. Talk about an amazing wake-up call. My boyfriend also likes to admire me, especially on days when I’m not feeling the prettiest, like when I’m super bloated from eating too much mozzarella, sweaty because it’s 35o outside, with a dirty bun, or with hairy legs. For him, I’m still the prettiest girl in the world. There’s nothing about me that could ever turn him off.


Marco is also the very first man who has accepted me exactly as I am. Who loves my body despite all of its imperfections. I’ve always had boyfriends who loved model-like bodies you know, like a Victoria’s Secret angel. So I always felt too curvy. He, on the other hand, doesn’t want me to lose any weight, so much so that he almost forces me to eat. Typical Italian, I know. I’m living the dream, since I’m such a foodie! He’s the best chef I know.



I also feel very safe with him around. He knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. He knows everything when it comes to houses, boats, cars, bikes, nature, plants, wind, currents, animals, etc. He hunts and fishes like nobody else. He’s a total alpha male. And he’s always ready to help out a friend.

He’s especially very proud of me. He shows my YouTube videos to all of his Italian friends (even if they don’t understand anything!). He always tells me that I’m smart, pretty, that I sing well, that I’m a good surfer (LOL), that I’m a good kitesurfer (again, LOL), and that I speak perfect Italian (EXTRA LOL). He’s a very direct guy. He’ll tell you straight up if you’re doing something he doesn’t like. Sometimes it’s almost rude, but at the same time, you know always know what’s up. Nothing is ever hidden or unsaid.


I’ve never felt so great. He’s the balance I was looking for. I’m the city girl and he’s the nature guy. He lets me be me, Marina Bastarache, 100% of the time. He’s perfectly imperfect. Patatino mio <3

xox Marina


Written by:

Marina Bastarache

Globe-trotter à ses heures et ayant tout sauf une vie routinière, Marina a également deux chaînes YouTube où on peut la suivre à travers ses projets télé, ses nombreux voyages et sa vie personnelle. Influençant une génération grâce à son style extravagant et sa personnalité flamboyante, elle s’est donné un mandat de promouvoir une image saine, d’ouverture et d’amour pour les jeunes filles qui la regardent #GRLPWR. Avec ses nombreux projets en développement et son blogue qui vient d’être lancé, vous n’avez pas fini d’entendre parler de Marina.

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