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12 Instagram Fashion Accounts You Need to Follow

Written by: Ariane Sylvain Montréal - July 13, 2018

Instagram has quickly become a trendsetter in many different spheres, and fashion is no exception! As a stylist and highly curious person, I’m often inspired by this social media platform.

Below are 12 Instagram accounts that you need to follow now!



Instagram handle : jeannedamas
Why I love her: for all her simple and chic outfits à la française. She’s also a lover of mirror selfies and I find it very endearing!



Instagram handle : audreyrivet
Why I love her: for the lifestyle side of her Instagram account, the harmony of her photos, and her impeccable looks. Thanks to her, I discovered some brands that I had never heard of. Thanks Audrey!



Instagram handle : styleheroine
Why I love her: if you only follow one fashion account on Instagram, I’d recommend this one without hesitation. Evangelie doesn’t just post about fashion, she also inspires us with her photos of beautiful atmospheres. I’m a big fan.



Instagram handle : taylorsterling
Why I love her: Taylor is one of my favourite mom influencers. Thanks to her perfect shots tinged with pink, she welcomes us into her world and shows us how she balances being a young mother and entrepreneur (she’s the founder of @glitterguide). For me, she’s not only a source of fashion inspiration. She also represents a fulfilled woman and mother, a real #girlboss.



Instagram handle : lisahahnbueck
Why I love her: I like her nonchalance and her boyish looks. She knows how to combine skirts and sneakers like nobody else. Lisa is clearly an effortless cool girl.



Instagram handle : saasha_burns
Why I love her: I like her girly side. She always wears simple yet oh so stylish outfits. Saasha seems to live her life fully and her style, which is very bohemian with a touch of rock, is very similar to my own. Bonus: she also knows how to convey her good mood through her photos.



Instagram handle : rocky_barnes
Why I love her: for all her colourful, original, and feminine vacation-worthy looks! She mixes materials and cuts in an incredible way. I love to follow this Insta babe because her content is refreshing and inspiring.



Instagram handle : jimsandkittys
Why I love her: this account is actually run by a power couple, Lisa-Marie Mewes and Tim Slotta. There’s no one cooler than them on Instagram! Lisa-Marie perfectly mixes bold pieces and timeless basics.



Instagram handle : dentellefleurs
Why I love her: Gabrielle’s blog @dentellefleurs is one of the first ones I started following back in the day (in 2010). She’s a true trendsetter! She knows how to brilliantly marry her vintage finds with more modern pieces.



Instagram handle :
Why I love her: mega #girlcrush. Amélie has a badass attitude and an angelic face. She embodies femininity, and I admire her distinctive and avant-garde style. She’s certainly not afraid to be daring in terms of clothes and accessories.



Instagram handle : josephinehj
Why I love her: first of all, her name is Josephine, which I think is so beautiful! I’m obsessed with her romantic looks; she mixes silk and denim or leather and cotton ingeniously.



Instagram handle : chiaraferragni
Why I love her: in September 2017, Chiara Ferragni was ranked first in the Forbes list of the most powerful fashion influencers, so following her is a must!


Which Instagram accounts inspire you?




Written by:

Ariane Sylvain

Styliste montréalaise, Ariane Sylvain a un instinct pour les tendances et un style distinctif. Sa signature est sans contredit l’audace de défier les conventions. Pour elle, la mode est une forme d’art, un moyen d’exprimer sa personnalité et de s’amuser. Reconnue pour son talent naturel, sa créativité, son ouverture d’esprit et son entregent, Ariane est sollicitée pour des séances photos, des productions télévisées, des tapis rouges et du stylisme personnel. Elle veille principalement à toutes les tenues de Marina depuis maintenant quatre ans. Elles partagent ensemble la même vision de la mode et forment ainsi un duo solide et explosif qui ne laisse personne indifférent.

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