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How to choose a good winter coat?

Written by: Ariane Sylvain Montréal - November 6, 2018

I hate winter. Those who know me won’t be surprised to hear me say that. I’m always complaining about the cold. I don’t really do winter sports, other than snow tubing once in a while with my kids and it’s clearly a pretext to then go and drink the biggest and sweetest hot chocolate! I’m always freezing, I’m sniffling a week out of two… In short, if I could, I’d hibernate like bears do.

Which is why it’s so important for me to be covered up, from head to toe, and this starts with my winter coat.

However, it is hard not to get lost and to make the right choice with all the options offered by brands. Synthetic or down? What fit? Which technical elements should we prioritize? To help you make up your mind, here are some criteria you should focus on:

  • Down coats are more expensive, but they are the warmest and the most durable. Down is the ultimate insulator. You should look for 80% down and 20% feathers.
  • A coat with a hood is essential. Select a model with a removable hood.
  • The outer shell of the coat protects you from snow, rain and wind. There are many types. Nylon and polyester will protect you from the wind, they are light, breathable and affordable. However, they are not as cold resistant. Teflon laminated coats offer, just like Dryloft, an excellent protection against bad weather. This material is often recommended for higher levels of humidity. Gore-Tex (breathable waterproof fabric) allows perspiration to easily evacuate and keeps the rain and the snow out. Coats made of fleece dry fast and keep their insulating power even when they are wet.
  • Finally, your lifestyle. Urban lifestyle? If you go to work using public transportation, choose a coat long enough to protect you from the wind. If you use your car, opt for a three-quarter length coat in which you’ll feel more comfortable driving. Maybe you’re more into outdoor winter sports? A warm, light and breathable coat is what you need.

Here are some coats that have caught my eye :

Ari xox


The North Face – 349,99 $

The North Face – 549,99 $

The North Face – 700 $

Soia & Kyo – 494,99 $

Quartz co. – 1 094,99 $

Quartz co. – 894, 99 $

Canada Goose – 995,00 $

Canada Goose – 950 $

Mackage – 989,99 $

Kanuk – 880,00$

Kanuk – 775,00$

Written by:

Ariane Sylvain

Montreal stylist Ariane Sylvain has an instinct for trends and a distinct style. She is well known for being bold and unafraid to defy convention. For her, fashion is a form of art, through which she can express her personality and have fun.

Recognized for her natural talent, creativity, open-mindedness, and outgoing personality, Ariane is sought after for photoshoots, TV segments, red carpets, and personal styling.

She has been Marina’s stylist for over four years now. As they share the same fashion vision, together they form a dynamic duo that’s taking the world by storm.

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