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Accessories for Less than 50$ to Stay Warm and Cute

Written by: Ariane Sylvain Montréal - November 28, 2018

Classic beret, Gibou–38$

Headband, Gibou–34$

Beanie, Mimi & August–24$

Leather gloves, Simons–35$

Tweed gloves, Simons–19$

Gloves, Urban Outfitters–29$

Hat, Urban Outfitters–24$

Hat, Urban Outfitters–42$

Pompom hat, Joe Fresh–19$

Poncho, Petite Garçonne–29$

Scarf, Petite Garçonne–28$

Poncho, Uniqlo–30$

Pompom scarf, Zara–40$

Leopard scarf, Zara–40$

Patchwork scarf, Zara–40$

Gingham scarf, Zara–40$

Fur scarf, Zara–40$

Knitted turban, H&M–13$

*BONUS Dog sweater, H&M–18$




Keep yourself warm!




Written by:

Ariane Sylvain

Montreal stylist Ariane Sylvain has an instinct for trends and a distinct style. She is well known for being bold and unafraid to defy convention. For her, fashion is a form of art, through which she can express her personality and have fun.

Recognized for her natural talent, creativity, open-mindedness, and outgoing personality, Ariane is sought after for photoshoots, TV segments, red carpets, and personal styling.

She has been Marina’s stylist for over four years now. As they share the same fashion vision, together they form a dynamic duo that’s taking the world by storm.

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