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6 Amazing Places to Rent Clothes

Written by: Ariane Sylvain Montréal - July 25, 2018

We’ve all already bought a dress for a party or a special event, paid a hefty price, and then left it untouched for months or even years in our closet.

Fortunately, there are now amazing places in Montreal where you can rent trendy clothes for special occasions.




Station Service

Station Service is an online platform for renting local clothes. Thanks to this service, you can access the latest trends from local designers at a cheaper price.
*Station Service now has a brick and mortar store!

Adress :
72 Rachel Street East
Montreal, QC
H2W 1C6


Atelier Privé

At Atelier Privé, you can browse an exclusive selection and borrow dresses at a fraction of the retail price. From the classic little black dress to the spectacular statement dress, their selection is varied. Atelier Privé also offers clothing from brands that you often can’t find in Montreal.

Adress :
873 Hodge Street
Saint-Laurent, QC
H4N 2B1


La Petite Robe Noire

La Petite Robe Noire has more than 2,000 dresses for rent in stock!
* By appointment only.

Adress :
4030 Saint-Ambroise Street, suite 234
Montreal, QC
H4C 2C7


Chic Marie

Chic Marie offers an unlimited online wardrobe. The concept? Trendy clothes delivered to your door as often as desired!

Adress :
55  Louvain Street West
Montreal, QC
H2N 1A4



Loue1robe offers tuxedos and evening dresses from amazing designers in a downtown Montreal showroom. Dresses are available in sizes ranging from 0 to 20, and an alteration service is also offered.

Adress :
65 Sherbrooke Street East
Montreal, QC
H2X 1C4


Le White Closet

Le White Closet is a rental shop for wedding and bridesmaid dresses.

Adress :
4030 Saint-Ambroise Street, suite 234
Montreal, QC
H4C 2E1

Happy shopping !



Written by:

Ariane Sylvain

Montreal stylist Ariane Sylvain has an instinct for trends and a distinct style. She is well known for being bold and unafraid to defy convention. For her, fashion is a form of art, through which she can express her personality and have fun.

Recognized for her natural talent, creativity, open-mindedness, and outgoing personality, Ariane is sought after for photoshoots, TV segments, red carpets, and personal styling.

She has been Marina’s stylist for over four years now. As they share the same fashion vision, together they form a dynamic duo that’s taking the world by storm.

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